A Letter From Our Director


Dear Friend:


You would not be reading this letter if a committed Christian did not consider you to be deeply concerned about the plight of families in America today.  The family is central to God's creative plan, and those determined to usher in a new godless society have been doing everything in their power to undermine the family.  There is a battle raging for the family; the sides are drawn; the future of our children is at stake.


God has called His Touch Ministries into home missions.  Our mission is the home!  Our calling is Family Reformation.  The dictionary states that to reform is to make better by removing faults and defects, to correct.  The American approach to marriage and family needs correction.  The better than 50% divorce rate proves that point.  The violence in our public schools nationwide proves that point.  The time for simply sitting idly by and shaking our heads in disbelief is over.  America needs those who care enough and know enough to stand and shout, "Enough!"  It is time to declare war on the dissolution of the home, to fight for the family.


Whether working one on one with only one marriage partner who has a vision for restoration or teaching a standing room only weekend seminar, all our energy is invested in families.  For over a decade we invested in preparation, and as a result of nearly 10 years in active family ministry.  We have been active in family ministry.  We have learned at least one critical lesson.  Those who really need our help often cannot afford it.  These folks are in need of a demonstration of God's supernatural love.  They need you and me to care enough to be there for them.


The battle lines are drawn; the enemies of God have chosen; His Touch Ministries has chosen.  We are at war.  It will take committed warriors to turn the tide of this battle.  We are committed to serve on the front lines.  You have been chosen to join us in this war.  It is our prayer that God will lead you to become a valiant warrior in the fight for the family and join us as we reach one person, one family, one home at a time.


In the Fight for the Family,

Charles E. Donneberg, Jr.




"The Lord is with you, O valiant warrior."  Judges 6:12b